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Sinéad O'Connor's voice and trademark shaved head made her famous by the age of twenty-one. Her recording of Prince's Nothing Compares 2 U made her a global icon. She outraged millions when she tore up a photograph of Pope John Paul II on American television.

O'Connor was unapologetic and impossible to ignore, calling out hypocrisy wherever she saw it.
She has remained that way for three decades.

Now, in Rememberings, O'Connor tells her story - the heartache of growing up in a family falling apart; her early forays into the Dublin music scene; her adventures and misadventures in the world of sex, drugs and rock'n'roll; the fulfilment of being a mother; her ongoing spiritual quest - and through it all, her abiding passion for music.

Rememberings is intimate, replete with candid anecdotes and full of hard-won insights. It is a unique and remarkable chronicle by a unique and remarkable artist.

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    Rememberings Reviews

  • Janelle

    This is a roller coaster of a read. It’s emotional, sometimes funny, angry, confused, strong but also vulnerable, the full range of her personality that comes across in her singing. I bought her fir...

  • Jessie Drew

    I literally kissed the book when I finished it. If that gives you an idea of how much I loved reading it. Thank you Sinead for writing it. ...

  • Tanya

    I caught the music video for Sinéad O’Connor’s cover of Prince’s Nothing Compares 2 U on TV as a young child, and I never forgot it: That iconic close-up of a beautiful woman with a shaved head...

  • Vanessa

    I always admired and loved Sinead O’Connor’s artistry. Her punk attitude and convictions in my opinion making her stand out for all the right reasons. The public turning on he after her controvers...

  • Trish

    Sinead O'Connor's curious mix of self-confidence and sef-hatred, combined with a very Irish aversion to adulation, has made her one of our most misunderstood artists. In ''Remeberings" she is alternat...

  • Melinda

    The Prince chapter though....

  • alexa

    over the past few months, i've become more and more entranced by sinéad o'connor. her strength, her integrity, her bewitching voice, her wicked sense of humor. my friend gave me the arc for this, and...

  • Aoife McMenamin

    Sinéad O’Connor was massive when we were kids. Anyone my age will remember the first time they heard Mandinka or Nothing Compares 2U. Her voice was so unique, really sensational. I still love to pl...

  • Elizabeth?

    I can remember when "Mandinka" hit the airwaves. I can recall how we all loved Sinead's shaved head and her Docs along with her powerful voice. I saw her live when she toured for her second album "I D...

  • Anne

    An incredibly raw, painful, angry, beautiful and honest memoir. I loved her writing style which is changeable for the different eras, and as she explains, she wrote different parts at different times....