John F. Kennedy: America's 35th President

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The Encyclopedia of Presidents offers authoritative biographies of each president since 1789, when George Washington was first sworn in. The stories of these key figures and historic events paint a full and lively picture of our nation. Each biography includes color illustrations, a timeline, boxed features on events and people of special interest, and lively text introducing the featured president and the times in which he lived. John F. Kennedy was the youngest candidate and the first Roman Catholic ever elected president. The son of a politically powerful Irish-American family in Massachusetts, he defeated vice president Richard Nixon by a paper-thin margin in 1960. Kennedy brought a new sense of youth and style to the presidency and attracted many young people to government and community service. He established the Peace Corps, which recruited volunteers to work in community programs overseas. In 1961, Kennedy authorized an invasion of Cuba, which ended in disaster and embarrassment. In 1962, when U.S. planes spotted Soviet missile sites in Cuba, Kennedy forced the Soviets to remove the missiles. At home, he supported legal efforts to end the segregation of African Americans in southern states. On November 22, 1963, Kennedy was shot and killed in Dallas, Texas. His vice president, Lyndon Johnson, was sworn in to complete his term.

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    The Encyclopedia of Presidents series is perfect for middle and high school age students learning U.S. History or needing a resource for a biography report. Each book has extensive background material...