Love's Every Whisper

Love's Every Whisper Review

"A whole new level of storytelling." Laurie Alice Eakes, Author of The Mountain Midwife
"One of those rare occasions where I loved the second book more than the first!" Heidi Robbins, Book Blogger

Victoria Donnelly wants to do something right at least once in her lifetime. With five years of failed courtships behind her and the calendar inching closer to another birthday, she's finally found a way to redeem herself in the eyes of her family. But her plan requires her to return to her home town of Eagle Harbor, where forgotten feelings for a man she can never have lie buried.

Elijah Cummings has loved Victoria for fifteen years. But fishermen’s sons don’t marry shipping barons’ daughters. He knows it. She knows it. The entire town knows it. Resolved to keep his distance from Victoria, Elijah focuses on establishing a much needed life-saving station, risking his own life by rescuing sailors stuck aboard shipwrecks... until he learns she's about to make an irreversible decision, one she'll spend the rest of her life regretting.

He knows how to save drowning sailors—but how is he to save the woman he loves from the biggest mistake of her life… without destroying both their hearts in the process?

Come back in time and revisit the remote town of Eagle Harbor, Michigan, in this memorable story of love, courage, and drama by fan-favorite author Naomi Rawlings.

Eagle Harbor Series--Where Love Finds Its Anchor
Book 1: Love's Unfading Light (Mac and Tressa)
Book 2: Love's Every Whisper (Elijah and Victoria)
Short Story: Love's Beginning (Elijah and Victoria)
Book 3: Love's Sure Dawn (Gilbert and Rebekah)
Book 4: Love's Eternal Breath (Seth and Lindy--winter 2016)
Book 5: Love's Constant Hope (Thomas and Jessalyn--summer 2016)
Book 6: Love's Bright Tomorrow (Isaac and Aileen--winter 2017)

Title:Love's Every Whisper
Edition Language:English

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  • Julia Wilson

    Love's Every Whisper by Naomi Rawlings is a most delightful Christian historical romance. It is the second book in the Eagle Harbor series but can be read as a stand-alone.Throughout the novel there i...

  • Brittany

    Love’s Every Whisper pulled me in from the very first page. The intense storms that rage on Lake Superior set the stage for dangerous rescues and life-threatening situations. And while the daring ri...

  • Nancee

    Loves Every Whisper was beyond my expectations! I was swept into the first book of this series with excitement. This second book is even more intense and impressive. Unpredictable, fast paced, suspens...

  • Jessica Baker (A Baker's Perspective)

    Another great story in this series! And I love how each book is linked together. Seeing old characters, and slowly bringing a new relationship into perspective that will be the lead for the next book ...

  • Mary

    Endearing story of a young women who stuttered, seemed to be a little clumsy and didn't fit the bill of the normal wealthy daughter of a business man. Her older sister snagged a supposedly good catch,...

  • Trisha Robertson (Joy of Reading)

    See full review and bonus material at: I couldn't put this book down. From the first chapter to the last, I was enveloped in the story of Victoria and Elijah. I simpl...

  • Gretchen

    I love how the heroine in this novel is sweet and mild tempered. I get annoyed that almost all main female characters always have such a strong personality and are typically described as stubborn and ...

  • Trixi

    From Amazon:Victoria Donnelly is, as always, a failure. With five years of failed courtships behind her and the calendar inching closer to another birthday, Victoria's determined to redeem herself and...

  • Kav

    I'm beginning to think I need to don boxing gloves before I read one of Naomi Rawlings' books because I know I'll be called upon to defend beloved characters. She certainly puts her poor hero and hero...

  • Elizabeth

    Love’s Every Whisper ( Eagle Harbor #2)By: Naomi Rawlings“Love’s Every Whisper is the second book in the Eagle Harbor series. I read the first book “ Love’s Unfading Light” and really enjo...