When Shall the Butterfly Rest

When Shall the Butterfly Rest Review

When Shall the Butterfly Rest is a collection of beautifully written poetry that explores the many facets of life. The emotions of a lifetime are captured in short, distinct poems filled with imagination and imagery.

The poems flowed at times as if from an unknown hand, while at others had to be hammered and chiseled out to find their form. The poems form a puzzle to fit together, enjoy, and ponder. Thought provoking, funny, or maybe just romantic.

The book is a composite of 95+ poems from Creating an Extraordinary Life: the Poet's Heart plus many new poems. The poems have been organized into chapters for the reader to enjoy and ponder. Thought provoking, funny, or maybe just romantic, read on and explore When Shall the Butterfly Rest...

Title:When Shall the Butterfly Rest

    Some Testimonial About This Book:

  • Ann-Marie

    I tried to find something nice to say about the poetry in this book. Then, for a while, I gave up and toyed with giving it a snarky, one line, scathing review, evoking the ghost of Rod McKuen, but it ...

  • Sinclair  Duncan-Mercer

    So colorful, just like a butterflyThis book has a poem for ever season and a poem ever ever mood one may be feeling. Reading this felt like being wrapped up in a cozy blanket with a nice cup of tea!...