Queen of Klutz

Queen of Klutz Review

Choose the best phrase to describe Sibby Goldstein's life:

1) Sucky.
2) Really sucky.
3) Major suck-fest.
D) All of the above.

I started my day with a boyfriend and a job. I ended my day with a bottle of tequila. I'll let you connect the dots.

Somehow, I wound up working as a waitress at an Italian restaurant. I have no idea what I'm doing. And I'm not just talkin' about life.

This should be interesting.

Title:Queen of Klutz
Edition Language:English

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  • Jacob Proffitt

    I was in the right mood and this hit the spot almost perfectly. It delivered the laughs I expected and I fell for Aidan from the start so I'm glad I chose to pick this up.This is one of those chick-li...

  • Jacqueline's Reads

    45% DNFGah, have you ever tried on a top and wished it was a size bigger because it would have been perfect had it fit?Yeah Queen of the Klutz is kind of like that. It would have been perfect except f...

  • Viper Spaulding

    Tales of a New York Waitress is a hilarious rom-com with an adorable and quirky heroine who resists - as much as she can - falling for the hot guy who's totally into her and who just happens to be her...

  • B.B. Lynn

    This book was good! I have nothing bad to say but I also won’t be thinking about it anymore after today. But I’m also glad I read it. Sometimes you need a breather after reading dark or emotional ...

  • Dee Ownbey

    I loved how all over the place Sibby is. It’s a “what in the world” hilarious book. ...

  • Holly *Confessions of a Lit Chick*

    Bloody loved it! If you love a socially awkward, hilarious rom-com.Read this....

  • Pattie

    Cute, funny read. ...

  • Amber Jackson

    Hilarious Tale of the Every Day WomanI devoured this book. Like, obsessively stayed up all night just so I could finish it. Sibby could be the mascot for awkward, unlucky women worldwide. She is one o...

  • Erika Lefkowitz

    F.U.N.N.Y!!I’ll admit it - I like an easy read. I know it’s not the “smart girl” thing to say, but I was an English major way back when and I had my fill of literature that made my head spin. ...

  • Jessen Elizabeth

    ***4.5 stars***I have to say I was laughing the whole way through this book! The characters were awesome, the dialogue was witty, the story - while not totally original - was told in a way that kept m...