Queen of No Tomorrows

Queen of No Tomorrows Review

Part supernatural horror, part crime noir, and set in eighties Los Angeles. Librarian con artist Cait MacReady forges occult tomes, but her latest creation has caught the attention of something magical and terrible. ​


​Cait MacReady spends her days in the UCLA library, special collections, restoring old books and saving them from the ravages of time. By night, she works her real job, making copies of antique and occult texts. But don't call them forgeries. She only gives customers exactly what they want.

When her ex-lover, now business partner, shows up on behalf of some customers who want a book that isn't written yet, Cait gets suspicious. When she discovers they're from the organization No Tomorrows, she gets scared. And when she finds out that their leader, the enigmatic figure called the Queen, wants a book that only Cait has, she begins to wonder what's real and what she's manufactured on her own.

Cait's latest creation, the Smoking Codex, is a work of complete fiction and all her own, nothing but vodka-fueled occult nonsense and heartfelt desire. It's a fake—no history, no power.

Or is it? This book takes on a life of its own, and the police get involved as people start to die. Now Cait must somehow manage to stop a thing that has already happened: the book’s secret god is already known.

And its name has been spoken.


"Queen of No Tomorrows is the kind of book that I want to read," says Matt. "I wrote it simply because of that. Instead of placing things in the arcane and rarified (now all-too-familiar and safe) settings of the old and mannered, I wanted to bring cosmic horror and the uncanny out to the sunshine and neon of Los Angeles. Instead of simply revering a period or place, I wanted to poke at things, to see where the horror might show up in the everyday, even in the simple act of creation itself.

"Besides, there just aren't enough stories that treat crime like magic, or vice versa."

Title:Queen of No Tomorrows
Edition Language:English

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