Assassin's Magic

Assassin's Magic Review

Is love worth the danger?

When Hunter Cassidy plans to infiltrate the Assassin's Legion, posing as an assassin-in-training, she is prepared to encounter danger every step of the way. What she doesn't expect is the ruggedly handsome and relentlessly fierce trainee, Slade Baines.

It's hard enough that Hunter is the first female to be accepted to train with the Master Assassin himself. Even when she beats the other candidates, the Master ranks her lowest of all. In the male-dominated Legion, the other trainees see her as a weak link to be driven out of their ranks.

When they try to force Hunter out, Slade gets in their way, becoming an unexpected ally. Despite her best intentions, Hunter finds herself lowering her guard around him, which only makes carrying out her secret mission more difficult and puts her in danger of falling for him.

But there's more at stake than Hunter's heart. The Master Assassin possesses the key to locate a weapon that Hunter must ensure remains hidden at all costs. In her quest to stop this deadly power from falling into the wrong hands, she must make a choice between following her heart... or fulfilling her destiny.

This is a full-length novel at 90,000 words, the first in the Assassin's Magic series.

Assassin's Magic 1 (December 2018)
Assassin's Magic 2: Assassin's Mask (March 2018)
Assassin's Magic 2.5: Assassin's Menace (June 2018)
Assassin's Magic 3: Assassin's Maze (September 2018)

Title:Assassin's Magic

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  • Amy Ausburn

    Oh myAssassin's Magic follows Hunter through her time at what is an assassins academy essentially. She has lost everyone and is there for a reason. We get to see her go through the training, deal with...

  • April

    An outstanding must read!This book is an amazing start to a new series! This is my first book that I have read from this author and I can't wait for more. The characters are fantastic. It has a good p...

  • Tassi

    Wow holy dang...that was just WOW! I think actually my mind might be broken right now. So much just went down in that book, I'm kinda nearly wordless. Okay just give me a minute....or two. Okay lets d...

  • Tash L

    Amazing new series!Everly has written an amazing first book in what I think will be one of my favourite series. Hunter is a great heroine and you feel for her throughout the book. Slade wow just wow! ...

  • Pam Foster

    Wow what an exciting story!!Assassin’s Magic is a thrilling series opener with wonderfully written characters and a fantastic plot. This author is one of my favourite finds of 2018 and I’ve read a...

  • Jenna Jochum

    Great and Formidable This book is very easily one of my favorites that I have read this year, and I have read over 200. I did find it funny that the names in the books follow a pattern. I don’t know...

  • Liza

    This book absolutely exceeded my expectations! Wow! I wish I had discovered Everly Frost's book sooner. The story involves a great deal of mystery with a strong female protagonist driving the scenes. ...

  • Rene

    Assassin’s Magic is the beginning of Hunter Cassidy’s story, and what a story it is. Everly Frost has written a captivating book, with a detailed and action packed storyline, characters you’ll l...

  • Michelle Fritz PA

    I loved this book so very much that when I reached those last few words, I literally burst out in tears!! My kindle lied!! It said that I still had six minutes left!! Sooo not fair!! It wasn't the end...

  • Bookgyrl

    My first (official) book in 2019 and it took me a bit longer with all the festivities and work obligations. But I finished and immediately pre-ordered the next book! I totally enjoyed this book, my fi...