Birthing Orion

Birthing Orion Review

Too fondly have I loved these stars;
all these galaxies we once called ours.

A beautiful love story in verse.

The relationship between two goddesses, one the embodiment of a galactic creation and the other of cosmic destruction, is tempestuous at best. They create and they destroy and then they do it all over again. Seya and Mia use their divine magic to make pulsars and nebula, to set planets spinning around stars and bind a galaxy together with a central black hole.

But when one of Seya's favorite stars goes missing, she blames Mia. What was once a symbiotic cycle of life and death becomes a game of broken hearts and promises betrayed. These tensions and insecurities are explored in sonnets and villanelles; the arc of their love tracked in meter and verse. These poems touch on queer love, betrayal, trust, acceptance, and forgiveness cast against a backdrop of stardust and celestial detritus.

Title:Birthing Orion
Edition Language:English

    Some Testimonial About This Book:

  • Alexa

    This book was beautiful in every way.First, the art. If the beautiful cover wasn't enough, the background to every poem is a picture of stars, galaxies and space stuff.The poems themselves tell a cohe...

  • Dannica Zulestin

    I'm afraid I don't much have the brain for poetry... I tend to read it much like prose. So this book passed by very fast for me, and as a result my thoughts are pretty basic.-The structure of the poet...

  • Siavahda

    I don't know if I'm totally qualified to judge the poetry of this stunning little book - my English Lit A-level was quite a while ago now, and it's not as if any school course can really teach you abo...

  • Xoe

    Overall, I liked Birthing Orion. The poetry was lovely, and I liked the way the rhyme scheme changed with different poems. The only thing I would change is adding more detail. I feel like I would have...

  • Aleksandra

    So this is a sapphic space fantasy poetry collection, which is coming out on October 9th and I've just learnt about its existence and I'm so excited to read it!...

  • Dax Murray