Can't Text This

Can't Text This Review

"Hi Monty. Wanna see my python?”

That’s how I ended up in the bathroom of some dive bar with a stranger.

Me, Monty Andrews, the quintessential virgin girl next door.

I was so out of my element, but there was no denying our explosive attraction, even via text.

Commence Operation Bang Each Other Out of Our Systems, because that was all it was—unfinished business.

I had no intention of falling back into the sheets with the tattooed, muscly, dirty-in-the-best-kind-of-way single dad over and over again…but I did.

Everything was going great—until we discovered I was his son’s teacher.

This book does feature characters from Let's Get Textual & I Wanna Text You Up but can be read as a standalone, as the book does not follow the same timeline.

Title:Can't Text This

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  • Aurora - Whoo Gives A Hoot

    * Read more of my reviews at Whoo Gives A Hoot *Why isn't there a rating higher than 5 stars? I always freaking love a good Teagan Hunter original and this story is definitely no exception! Ever since...

  • Christy

    4 stars!!! I freaking love this series! All three books have been such a big hit for me! Teagan Hunter is a new to me author of 2018 and I’m so glad I found her. Can’t Text This is the story of R...

  • XxTainaxX

    4.5 Stars. It should be hard to translate good texting chemistry to a book but I found myself utterly charmed by Monty and Robbie’s playful banter. These two were scorching hot together and opposite...

  • Princess under cover

    I LOVE THIS BOOK! I LOVE IT SO MUCH I HAVE TO YELL IT IN CAPS!It had me grinning most of the time. Had my heart aching some of the time. Had my toes curled in the best way possible and I loved BOTH th...

  • Bibi

    This isn’t my idea of a rom-com; moreover, it wasn’t fun(ny) and the plot was too predictable. DNF @35% ...

  • Teagan Hunter

    AVAILABLE NOW!US ➜ ➜ ➜ ➜ ➜

  • Tara

    Just like Let's Get Textual, and I Wanna Text You Up, Can't Text This immediately went on my list of favorite books for the year. It takes a lot to make me laugh, and when I find myself choking becaus...

  • Tijuana *Book Twins Reviews*

    Rom-com gold!! I adored this super cute and funny story! It’s my first Teagan Hunter read, but definitely will not be my last. I’ve already grabbed the previous books in the series. Monty and her ...

  • L.J. Shen

    Although I enjoy rom-coms very much, very few romantic comedies make me laugh out loud.Teagan Hunter seems to make me do that. A lot. In public.Can't Text This is swoony and funny and clever and so ma...

  • Wendy ?: ???CCBH Blogger???

    5 HOLY CROW! STARS!Oh My Cats! First there were baby goats and now there's cute bunnies involved 🐇. I must say Robbie was definitely my favorite, especially his weiner 😏😂💁🏼.What a wonde...