Between the Lines

Between the Lines Review

Theo Wishart has given up on finding love.

Luca Moretti doesn’t want to find it.

A handful of summer days may change their lives forever—if they’re brave enough to look between the lines.

Eyes might be windows to the soul, but for Theo Wishart they’re all shuttered. His dyspraxia makes it hard to read people. He doesn’t do relationships and he certainly doesn’t do the great outdoors. Two weeks spent “embracing beach life” while he tries to close the deal on a once great, now fading seaside hotel is a special kind of hell.

Until Luca. Gorgeous, unreachable Luca.

Luca Moretti travels light, avoiding all romantic entanglements. Estranged from his parents, he vows this will be his last trip home to New Milton. His family’s hotel is on the verge of ruin and there’s nothing Luca can do to save it. He’s given up on the Majestic, he’s given up on his family and he’s given up on his future.

Until Theo. Prickly, captivating Theo.

No mushy feelings, no expectations, and no drama—that’s the deal. A simple summer fling. And it suits them both just fine. But as the summer wanes and their feelings deepen, it’s clear to everyone around them that Theo and Luca are falling in love. What will it take for them to admit it to themselves—and to each other?

This book is approximately 73,000 words

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Title:Between the Lines
Edition Language:English

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    Another enjoyable story by Sally Malcolm with engaging characters in a quaint small town setting.If you've read Perfect Day by this Author you'll be familiar with the town and some of the characters.L...

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    Strike another one in the *WIN* column for Sally Malcolm. After really enjoying "Perfect Day", I had high hopes for this story and wasn't disappointed. Theo was a bit of a persnickety oddball right fr...

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    4.5 StarsWell, it’s official! This author became one of my fave authors! Her books are really awesome! She definitely can write! Love her writing! She writes in such a way that you can feel, feel ev...

  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)

    *3.5 stars*Between the Lines was my first book by Sally Malcolm, but it certainly won't be the last (well, mostly because I already own two of her other books! I'm a hoarder!). Despite a few issues I ...

  • Optimist ?King's Wench?

    ✚✚✚4.5✚✚✚It happened again. Except this time my face leaked a lil. Seriously, who and where in the hell did this Sally Malcolm person come from? She's gone 3 for 3!It's her penchant for th...

  • Ele

    *3.5 stars*I had a hard time rating this one. I struggled a lot because, although I really enjoyed the story, my complaints were too many for me to round up. In any case, Between the Lines proves tha...

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    **4.5 stars**Between the Lines is the first book I’ve read by this author and I didn’t know what to expect in terms of writing style but also plotwise. Let me just say… it totally took me by sur...

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    3.5 starsThis story was about 2 guys - 1 who never thought he'd have an HEA and the other who thought he didn't need one.I liked this book but didn't love it because I felt like there were some unreso...

  • Caz

    Between the Lines is another emotionally satisfying and beautifully crafted romance from the pen of Sally Malcolm, and is a wonderful follow-up to both Perfect Day and Love Around the Corner, both of ...