April in Atlantis

April in Atlantis Review

When Poseidon’s elite warriors gear up to train a new generation of fighters, they have no idea that Atlantean Queen Riley has secretly taken on a new role: Matchmaker. By the end of the year, she plans to find soul mates for all twelve of Atlantis’s fiercest warriors . . .whether they like it or not.
Twelve all-new adventures in the hotly anticipated world of Poseidon's Warriors, coming once a month from New York Times bestselling author Alyssa Day. These books are sexy, romantic, and wickedly addictive —welcome to 2018! And welcome to:
A Year in Atlantis

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    Some Testimonial About This Book:

  • Madison Warner Fairbanks

    April in Atlantis by Alyssa DayA paranormal novella from the spin off Atlantis series. Can be read as a standalone romance. April is a warrior. The minute Pine sets eyes on April, he is determined to ...

  • Robin

    Alyssa Day - April in Atlantis: A Poseidon’s Warriors paranormal romance novelApril in Atlantis has been a bit of a wait but worth it. King Conlan has formed a second group of special forces Poseido...

  • Melissa

    This book was months in the publishing loop. But it was worth the wait!April is the first female warrior in Poseidon's Elite Warriors. She does everything right and is lethal with her bow and arrow.Pi...

  • Rhonda Hicks

    The fabled group known as Poseidon's Warriors job was to protect humankind from any of the vampires, shifters, Fae or other supernatural creatures who wanted to prey on them. A new group of Atlantean ...

  • Signi Siemens

    Received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review! And honestly.....I absolutely loved it!! As always Alyssa Day has outdone herself and written a book worthy of 5 🌟's! So far the whole...

  • Cheryl

    I don't think Alyssa Day could write a bad book if she tried. I have been on board since her first Warriors of Poseidon, Atlantis Rising. I remember my sister and I read it at the same time and had la...

  • Marty Tool

    I don't do 5 stars often, but this fast novella had all the marks. It is a part of the follow up to the Poseidon's Warrior book series, which you kind of need to read to understand everything that hap...

  • Sheena

    This is a novella in the Warriors of Poseidon series. April is the first female Warrior of Poseidon and she's been sent as an ambassador to the European wolves, specifically requested by Pine, the pri...

  • Carolyn Jenkins

    Perfect Mates Pine and April meet in an earlier story, March in Atlantis. He gets her named ambassador to his pack in Europe. Her transformation from warrior to reluctant ambassador is very entertaini...

  • Penny Noble

    This short novella was a quick, romantic, fun read. While I do wish we had a little more detail on April and Pine’s whirlwind courtship, the story was still very satisfying, having all the great ear...