Museum of the Americas

Museum of the Americas Review

Longlisted for the 2018 National Book Award in Poetry

Winner of the 2017 National Poetry Series Competition, selected by Cornelius Eady--an exploration in verse of imperial appropriation and Mexican American cultural identity

The poems in J. Michael Martinez's third collection of poetry circle around how the perceived body comes to be coded with the trans-historical consequences of an imperial narrative. Engaging beautiful and otherworldly Mexican casta paintings, morbid photographic postcards depicting the bodies of dead Mexicans, the strange journey of the wood and cork leg of General Santa Anna, and Martinez's own family lineage, Museum of the Americas gives accounts of migrant bodies caught beneath, and fashioned under, a racializing aesthetic gaze. Martinez questions how "knowledge" of the body is organized through visual perception of that body, hypothesizing the corporeal as a repository of the human situation, a nexus of culture. Museum of the Americas' poetic revives and repurposes the persecuted ethnic body from the appropriations that render it an art object and, therefore, diposable.

Title:Museum of the Americas

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  • Roxane

    This is a fascinating, layered collection of poetry that blurs genre in some really interesting ways. Martinez offers, as the title suggests, a museum of the Americas, and especially engages with Mexi...

  • Jerrie (redwritinghood)

    This poetry collection, while on the NBA longlist, did not make the shortlist. There are some excellent poems here, but a few that played with form were not as good to me. Many of the poems, however, ...

  • Mills College Library

    811.6 M3856m 2018...

  • Sarrah

    Provided by #netgalley for an unbiased review. I want to say that, though I didn't personally enjoy this book, I can see how and why it was nominated for the National Book Award.Museum of the Americas...