Catching Caden

Catching Caden Review

If all they see are her scars - they aren't looking hard enough.

It was my home run ball that shattered her face.
Right along with her modeling career.

Now it's my mission to help her rebuild her life.
And get her to love the game that she hates.
The game that dictates my life both on and off the field.

But when the lines of our friendship become blurred, I worry she'll just be another casualty of my three-strikes rule. The rule I have to protect my money, my future, my heart.
No girl has ever broken it.
I've never wanted one to.
Until now.

The question is ... will I let her?

Catching Caden is a standalone romance. It is Book One in The Perfect Game Series.
Books two and three coming soon.

Title:Catching Caden
Edition Language:English

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  • Alex ?

    2.5 starsGood writing, interesting plot, overall likable characters, safe.It was my 1st book by this author.My ranty rating is mostly about poor portrayal of all female characters, who were neither re...

  • Bev

    Just when I think I'm going to jack in KU because I've stumbled across some real doofers, a book like this one comes along. I loved it. It was just what I needed whilst in the mother of all book funks...

  • Jacqueline's Reads

    4 StarsSamantha Christy is becoming one of my go-to authors. Catching Caden is a standalone and is part of The Perfect Game Series.I’m not a huge light-chick sports fan reader, but lately this has b...

  • Anne OK

    HOMERUN! Holy Moly - I absolutely LOVED this story and the characters!!FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED. (12/20/17)You just never know when or where true love might strike!  Samantha Christy has written an ext...

  • Raine

    Found a new author!!!I love finding new authors to read. Lately it's been like finding a needle in a haystack. But I really enjoyed this book. It had a really good storyline and wasn't all about sex, ...

  • Dora Koutsoukou

    4 💖💖💖💖🌟sSweet and safe ...

  • Nance

    4.5 star ratingWell spring training starts in February, so this was the perfect book to read right now! I love baseball, and this was a great read from author, Samantha Christy! Full of romance and ba...

  • Jaime

    I'm stopping at 43%. I guess I COULD finish it, but I am just SO BORED. NOTHING is happening. It seems like the consensus with a lot of the lower star ratings is that it is great in the beginning, slo...

  • Sandra De Gouveia

    * SPOILER ALERT *The Begging of Our Forever….When Samantha decided to tease us with little snippets of this book… I tried really hard not to read them however I did and I was hooked. I couldn’t ...

  • Amanda Adams Steward

    This book. I loved. At first I wasn’t too keen on the heroine she was very dingy. Maybe she finally grew on me I don’t know but the hero total swooon. If you love a good sports romance especially ...