The FBI Profiler Series 6-Book Bundle

The FBI Profiler Series 6-Book Bundle Review

Throughout this electrifying series from “one of the best thriller writers in the business” (Associated Press), brilliant FBI profiler Pierce Quincy faces off against all manner of serial killers and psychopaths alongside his partner, Rainie Conner, and his daughter, Kimberly Quincy. Now this edge-of-your-seat eBook bundle assembles all six of the superb novels featuring Lisa Gardner’s extraordinary protagonist:


A convicted murderer escapes from a maximum security prison—to go after the wife who put him behind bars. A maniac who kills for sport hides in the shadows, even as a boy confesses to his horrific crimes. A predator torments his victims with unspeakably intimate acts of violence. A butcher leaves two bodies each time he strikes, with the first containing clues that lead to the second. A madman pursues money, power, and celebrity by adopting the alias of a notorious killer. A sadist hunts the streets for vulnerable girls—and makes their nightmares come alive. These are just a few of the souls that haunt Lisa Gardner’s riveting series. But all these criminals have one thing in common: They are no match for Pierce Quincy.

Title:The FBI Profiler Series 6-Book Bundle
Edition Language:English

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    Some Testimonial About This Book:

  • Lyn

    Wow, what a series! Each novel grabbed me from the start and didn't let go until I was wrung out and begging for more. Excellent intelligent-yet-flawed characters living imperfect lives but also just ...

  • Cathy Fidler davidson

    I read all of the stories individually over the years and really enjoyed them...I keep a watch for any more of hers especially if it includes Quincy and Rainie.......

  • Marci -  Serendipitous Readings

    Started reading these about 3 weeks ago and finished last week. I love Lisa's writing. Every single one of her books is fresh and unique - even in the continuing series like Quincy and Raine....

  • Cindy

    Child kidnapping, molestation, & murder. Very graphic sex & murder scenes. Frightening "talks" from perp. Glad I read it in the daytime. Lisa Gardner is talented. Her interweaving of warnings against ...

  • Pamela Fredebeil

    These 6 books were wonderful. I went from one right into the next. I had not read any books by Lisa Gardner, but I will be reading the rest of her books promptly. They were spell binding and kept me g...

  • Martha

    I absolutely loved this series. Not one of the books disappointed me....

  • Lilly

    I'd read every single one of the stories individually and I'm so happy of owning this bundle of thrillers and mysteries, love Quinci and Rainie , ...

  • Sue Plant

    a brilliant set of books...all books have been given individual write ups cant believe i have only known about lisa gardner and this series for about a year...where has she been all my life...

  • Bob Olson

    The spirit of Agatha Christie lives -- in this cozy mystery by Steve Demaree. Take one part "Ten Little Indians" and mix in a game of "Clue," and develop in the complete darkness on the outskirts of L...

  • Pam Adkins

    I was disappointed in this book. It was not a book that I could put down. I did finish it. ...