Fractured: Happily Never After? 3 Tales
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Fractured: Happily Never After? 3 Tales


Everyone knows a fairytale or two. They’re the kind of stories that seem to stick with you. Maybe it’s the magic. Maybe it’s the handsome prince. Or maybe they’re just the absolute perfect place to lose yourself for a little while.

But what would happen if Snow White were around today? Would Cinderella still need a fairy godmother? And would the Little Mermaid show up on YouTube?

Joanna Karaplis has put an unexpected spin on Snow White, Cinderella, and The Little Mermaid; she’s quietly fractured the stories and then reassembled them for the 21st Century. So, while there may not be a whole lot of horse-drawn carriages and magic potions, you can be sure that there will be at least one evil witch and maybe even a handsome prince (or two)…

Title:Fractured: Happily Never After? 3 Tales
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Paperback
Number of Pages:128 pages

    Fractured: Happily Never After? 3 Tales Reviews

  • Tahleen
    Dec 07, 2010

    Fairy tales have been told and written down for centuries. Throughout the years, they've not only been told, but retold, and many have been completely revisioned. Fractured gives us incarnations of Sn...

  • Rebecca
    Mar 19, 2013

    This book was actually kinda good. I liked the idea of having three short stories about the modern day princesses. I'm going to give a rating to each short story:Snow white and the seven 'Dorks': 3/10...

  • Pam Green
    Nov 05, 2010

    Visit At Home Between the Pages to see this review in full, plus more!Fractured is a collection of three modern day retellings of fairytales. The first is called Snow White and the Seven Dorks, where ...

  • Kai (Amaterasu Reads)
    Nov 08, 2010

    Original post here at Amaterasu Reads I've always admired authors who can re-invent fairytales we grew up reading. I love fairytales, especially the Disney Princesses. Little girls, at one point, dre...

  • Kayla
    Jul 23, 2011

    I am in love with any and all retold fairy tales. I'd give any of them a try. Thankfully this very quick read was not a waste of time, but rather a delightful way to revisit three well-known tales (Sn...

  • Savannah Andrea Smith
    Oct 01, 2010

    I love fairytale retellings! Maybe it's the fact that I grew up--nay, thrived on!--those Disney Princess movies when I was little, or that I've always secretly aspired to become a princess. Whatever t...

  • Lauren
    Jan 03, 2011

    Fractured features three short stories, each a retelling of a famous fairy tale. Here’s my opinion on each of the stories: Snow White and the Seven Dorks: This story reminded me a bit of Sydney Whit...

  • Bookworm007
    Apr 23, 2011

    Let's just get things straighten out.I have 3 separate ratings for each tale:"Snow White and the Seven Dorks" (Snow White and the Seven Dwarves) = 2.75 stars"Cyberella" (Cinderella) = 3 stars"Swan Son...

  • Lisa
    Nov 01, 2010

    I was really excited about it because I love fairy tales. I knew that it would be different from the original stories but it was complete different from what I imagined.The stories were written very m...

  • Jayme
    Jan 31, 2013

    I do feel like giving only one star is a bit unfair, however I was so left wanting more of these 3 short stories. I was super excited that the "Snow White and the seven dorks" was going to deal with d...