Creating Textures in Pen & Ink with Watercolor

Creating Textures in Pen & Ink with Watercolor

Claudia Nice shows you how to turn ink and watercolors into the coarse-barked trunk of an oak, or the burnished smoothness of brass, or the verdant velvet of moss. Or any of many other things. She shows you how to use dots, fine lines, brushstrokes, black and white, color--a mixture of mediums and techniques--to suggest:

cast iron
adobe and brick
sunrise and sunset
leaf textures
surf and ocean waves
wood grain
distant trees
eggs and onions
animal hair
and dozens of other textures!
You'll learn how to use materials, from technical pens to paint brushes, colored inks to liquid acrylics. You'll discover ways to blot, spatter, stamp and otherwise alter and combine ink and watercolor for exciting texturing effects.

Title:Creating Textures in Pen & Ink with Watercolor
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  • An excellent resource to add texture and dimensions to watercolor using India inks. Wonderful examples and easy to follow directions. Hoping my art continues to improve....

  • WonderfulA wealth of information. I have a feeling I will be using this book as a reference for a long time....

  • So huh, it kind of took me 3 months to finish reading this...didn't think it would take me that long. I read it a spread at a time, and most of it was, admittedly, images. But the swatches and details...

  • An okay book; a lot of the examples could simply be done with watercolor, so it doesn't seem as if the pen and ink would be necessary; in others, the watercolor is just used as a foundation with pen s...

  • What a helpful book for anyone wanting to learn the art of realism in the difficult but rewarding medium of watercolor....

  • Claudia' s instructions were easy to follow as I tried out the first few exercises. she also presents more details on the techniques with a wide variety of examples....

  • LOVE this style. I'm always struggling to get more texture and really dark lines in watercolors, and this is a great solution. Amazing examples. ...

  • Great book with tons of examples to work from....

  • I borrowed this book from the library last week and because I love it so much, I bought it. ...

  • I borrowed this from the library. Thought it would be a good reference for my personal library, so I bought a copy....


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