All the Breaking Waves
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All the Breaking Waves


From the bestselling author of Everything We Keep comes a gripping tale of long-buried secrets, the strength of forgiveness, and the healing power of returning home for good.

After a harrowing accident tore her family apart, Molly Brennan fled from the man she loved and the tragic mistake she made.

Twelve years later, Molly has created a new life for herself and her eight-year-old daughter, Cassie. The art history professor crafts jewelry as unique and weathered as the surf-tumbled sea glass she collects, while raising her daughter in a safe and loving environment—something Molly never had. But when Cassie is plagued by horrific visions and debilitating nightmares, Molly is forced to return to the one place she swore she’d never move back to—home to Pacific Grove.

A riveting exploration of love, secrets, and motherhood, All the Breaking Waves is the poignant story of a woman who discovers she must confront her past, let go of her guilt, and summon everything in her power to save her daughter.

Title:All the Breaking Waves
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Kindle Edition
Number of Pages:322 pages

    All the Breaking Waves Reviews

  • Judy Collins
    Dec 06, 2016

    Kerry Lonsdale continues with another heartfelt tale, following her debut, Everything We Keep, with her latest upcoming, ALL THE BREAKING WAVES —an emotional family domestic suspense saga of dark...

  • Suzanne Leopold
    Nov 13, 2016

    Molly Brennan is a single mother raising an eight year old daughter Cassie in California. Cassie is plagued with daily nightmares. These nightmares are horrible visions of life-threatening events that...

  • Barbara Sissel
    Aug 23, 2016

    Blending elements of magic and mystery, ALL THE BREAKING WAVES, is a compelling portrayal of one mother’s journey as she grapples with her small daughter’s horrific visions that force her to confr...

  • Laura Spinella
    Aug 19, 2016

    In All the Breaking Waves, author Kerry Lonsdale blends a masterful tale of magic realism and family saga. With its heartfelt characters and relationships—generational, maternal, and a long-ago roma...

  • Sue
    Oct 25, 2016

    Molly has a psychic gift that she has suppressed for years because her father taught her that it was bad. Now her young daughter Cassie is showing signs of having the same gift and Molly's life is pla...

  • Nicole Evelina
    Nov 03, 2016

    I finished this book in 24 hours, which is something I can only say of one other book I've ever read. It's gripping page-turner that combines women's fiction and magical realism (which I don't usually...

  • Melissa
    Dec 07, 2016 included!...

  • Dawn
    Jan 08, 2017

    My review can also be found at: great read by Kerry Lonsdale! I immediately fell in love with this author in her debut Everything We Keep a few months b...

  • Letty
    Nov 14, 2016

    This book was riveting from the beginning to the very last page. Molly, eight-year-old Cassie, Nana Mary, and Owen are delightful and believable characters. Molly's daughter, plagued by visions and te...

  • Alison
    Nov 26, 2016

    This was a really good story of three women all of the same family and all with special paranormal powers.Molly, the mother who ran away from her family home after a tragic event, her daughter Cassie,...