The Trouble with Dukes
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The Trouble with Dukes



The gossips whisper that the new Duke of Murdoch is a brute, a murderer, and even worse—a Scot. They say he should never be trusted alone with a woman. But Megan Windham sees in Hamish something different, someone different.

No one was fiercer at war than Hamish MacHugh, though now the soldier faces a whole new battlefield: a London Season. To make his sisters happy, he'll take on any challenge—even letting their friend Miss Windham teach him to waltz. Megan isn't the least bit intimidated by his dark reputation, but Hamish senses that she's fighting battles of her own. For her, he'll become the warrior once more, and for her, he might just lose his heart.

Title:The Trouble with Dukes
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Mass Market Paperback
Number of Pages:339 pages

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    The Trouble with Dukes Reviews

  • Stacey is Sassy
    Dec 09, 2016

    I had no trouble with this kilt wearing Duke.I LOVED The Trouble with Dukes. This type of book is why I love reading and became devoted to historical romance. Historical romance was my first love. I h...

  • Elizabeth
    Nov 04, 2016

    Grace Burrowes writes from the heart--with warmth, humor, and a generous dash of sensuality, her stories are unputdownable! If you're not reading Grace Burrowes you're missing the very best in today's...

  • Mei
    Jan 17, 2017

    Oh dear, I hope this years HR will get better.... at least those I read.... O_oI was frustrated with this book. In the first half there's a lot of running around, a lot of people talking, scheming, no...

  • Luffy
    Jan 03, 2017

    I didn't get comfortable with this book. Its vocabulary was challenging, so I couldn't get relaxed while reading it, I came across lots of words here that I understood only because I know some French....

  • Caz
    Nov 23, 2016

    Grace Burrowes’ The Trouble with Dukes sees her returning to the extended Windham family, who were the subject of her first published works. The Windham Brides series introduces the four nieces of...

  • Elle ? Pretty Little Books ?
    Nov 23, 2016

    Release Date: December 20, 2016 Genre: Historical RomanceThe Trouble with Dukes is a passionate and well thought up book that will leave readers utterly breathless. This is my first Grace Burrowes ...

  • Wollstonecrafthomegirl
    Dec 26, 2016

    So, I have a theory. Burrowes does not write great novels when the setting is the London Season. It's like she's at a loss for how to bring her H/h together when they're just a standard couple courtin...

  • Juliana Philippa
    Dec 07, 2016

    "You love Hamish, don't you?" Colin asked, though he only dimly grasped what it might mean, for a woman this fierce to love his brother. Trouble for Hamish, but good, long overdue trouble. This was m...

  • Pamela
    Dec 17, 2016

    The characterization and the writing are both very good. Megan and Hamish are both flawed, but relatable and the supporting cast is all there to do their part.While I felt the book had some good momen...

  • Heather andrews
    Oct 02, 2016

    Hamish is a very sweet man, “listen to me, Meggie. Firstly , when I make a vow, I keep it. Forsaking all others, means forsaking all others. Secondly, I suspect once we’re wed, the effort required...

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Grace Burrowes started writing as an antidote to empty nest and soon found it an antidote to life in general. She is the sixth out of seven children, raised in the rural surrounds of central Pennsylvania. Early in life she spent a lot of time reading romance novels and practicing the piano. Her first career was as a technical writer and editor in the Washington, DC, area, a busy job that nonethele