After Atlas
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After Atlas



Title:After Atlas
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Paperback
Number of Pages:384 pages

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    After Atlas Reviews

  • Carly
    Oct 08, 2016

    After Atlas proves that, yes indeed, Emma Newman can do cyberpunk.Good news: although it takes place in the same world as Newman's earlier novel, After Atlas can be read without Planetfall, and if the...

  • Justine
    Dec 02, 2016

    4.5 stars I really liked this one. Although technically a sequel to Planetfall, instead of being set on the planet where the events of the last book took place, After Atlas is a crime novel set on Ear...

  • Brianne Reeves
    Aug 15, 2016

    I just...This can't possibly be the end! What happens next?!...

  • Tammy
    Aug 03, 2016

    In Planetfall we learn what happened to the people who followed the Pathfinder into the stars on the ship Atlas. In After Atlas we learn what happened to those left behind.The Earth is ruled by corpo...

  • Christina Pilkington
    Dec 07, 2016

    4.5 starsI read Planetfall about a month ago and fell in love with it. I didn't have to think twice about giving it 5 stars. I loved the writing, the character development, the technology, the plot, t...

  • Katie
    Sep 22, 2016

    3.5*Did I love it as much as Planetfall? No. Why? I am so bored of dystopian fiction even when it's done well. Still is this worth reading? Yes, it's a fun, if grim dark, ride.Full review to come clos...

  • Tammy Sparks
    Nov 07, 2016

    The nitty-gritty: Another page turner from Emma Newman, an addictive mystery full of twists and turns, set in a future full of scary possibilities.I enjoyed Planetfall last year, which I read during S...

  • Phil
    Dec 02, 2016

    I've read some excellent books so far this year, but this is the only one whose ending has had such an impact on me that I couldn't stop thinking about it for several days afterwards. I actually had t...

  • Karen Wyle
    Nov 23, 2016

    I loved Newman's previous novel Planetfall, to which this is a sequel, but I don't remember its details that well. This did not prove a problem: the sequel stands quite well on its own, although the d...

  • Helen
    Nov 20, 2016

    After Atlas mixes two of my favourite things, a not too distant future world setting and a murder mystery. It has a Phillip K Dick vibe to it, but without the relentless depression. As my boyfriend sa...

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Emma Newman

Emma Newman writes dark short stories and science fiction and urban fantasy novels. 'Between Two Thorns', the first book in Emma's Split Worlds urban fantasy series, was shortlisted for the BFS Best Novel and Best Newcomer awards.Emma's latest book, Planetfall, is a standalone science fiction novel published by Roc. Emma is a professional audiobook narrator and also co-writes and hosts the Hugo-no