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Panter, de kroonprins van het koninkrijk Panteria, kruipt uit de ladenkast van kleine Christine na de dood van haar kat. Er ontspint zich een spel van verleiding tussen de charmeur en zijn prooi. In de langverwachte opvolger van De liefhebbers dompelt Brecht Evens ons onder in een verwarrende kinderlijke wereld waar verbeelding alles mogelijk maakt. Kleurrijk en speels maar ook ongemakkelijk en beklijvend.

Edition Language:Dutch
Format Type:Hardcover
Number of Pages:120 pages

    Panter Reviews

  • karen
    Oct 10, 2016

    Larisa LJ recommended this book to me on the thread for my review of Beautiful Darkness, because at the end i was marveling at how much i loved the ickiness of the book, and how revolting it was:but ...

  • David Schaafsma
    Jun 20, 2016

    Nothing prepared me for this work from Evens. I had read others of his works that I think of as art comics, play, including The Wrong Place and The Making of. They seemed to me work more about art, th...

  • Jan Philipzig
    Jan 08, 2017

    Panther by Belgian cartoonist Brecht Evens tells the wildly imaginative yet subtly poetic, beautifully crafted yet strangely disturbing story of a young girl trying to come to terms with various painf...

  • Elizabeth A
    Sep 28, 2016

    Christine is a young girl who lives with a her father, and when her cat Lucy dies, Christine is grief stricken. In the midst of her grief, something magical happens: a panther pops out of her dresser ...

  • Melissa
    Oct 20, 2016

    Panther is the story of Christine, whose pet cat is put to sleep in the opening pages. She is visited by Panther, a magical emissary from Pantherland, who comes out of her dresser drawer to tell her a...

  • Stewart Tame
    Oct 05, 2016

    Okay, first of all, just feast your eyes on that cover for a minute. Notice how it manages to be both busy and colorful without being overwhelming or muddy. That's not nearly as easy to accomplish as ...

  • Ariel Wiborn
    Nov 27, 2016

    This was book 5 of my Top Horror comics short list (, and I am certainly unsettled. It's a quiet discomfort and slight sickness after reading this. Why? I thin...

  • Derek Parker
    Jun 07, 2016

    Great book! I've been meaning to get to Brecht Evens's work for some time, and our recent review of Panther on The Comics Alternative was the impetus I needed. You can hear our discussion at http://co...

  • Liam
    Oct 16, 2016

    Two things:1. You will enjoy this more if you do not read reviews containing reader reactions or plot summaries beforehand. Just stop, you'll spoil your enjoyment of it. This applies to all books, but...

  • Luis Diaz
    Sep 24, 2016

    Great style. A little too distracting for me. I couldn't get passed the first few dozen pages before I just began to look at the artwork separate from the words which meant I was no longer focused on ...

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Flemish cartoonist Brecht Evens was born in 1986 and studied illustration in Ghent, Belgium. His prizewinning debut comic book A Message from Space was released in 2005, followed by several other books including Vincent (2006) and The Wrong Place (2009), which recently won the Haarlem Comic Festival's Willy Vandersteen Award for best Dutch-language graphic novel. You can follow him online at http: