Sometimes, love is just that little bit too unhealthy.

It’s time to put demons to rest and say goodbye… once and for all.


My wife isn’t just fighting for her family anymore, or even for her beliefs and what she judges to be right concerning her family.
She’s fighting to survive.
After everything; after years of battles and heartache, after decades of conflicts and struggles, after moments of torture and pain, life now throws her a new war to combat.
Her biggest fight ever, the hardest battle that she will ever face, and the one thing that can finally destroy her.
Destroy me.
My wife is no longer my little warrior.
She’s is the most epic fighter out there. She’s the most courageous of soldiers. And she’s the epitome of strength.
My little warrior has become my monster of fortitude.


I’m no longer fighting to keep my family safe, or even to protect them. I’m no longer battling against the forces of Mason’s past or even mine.
I’m fighting to maintain their future.
After everything; after years of trying to survive, after decades of struggling to touch the light at the end of the tunnel, after moments of utter heartache, life now hands me a new scar to heal.
My biggest fight ever, the hardest battle that I will ever face, and the one thing that can finally, destroy me.
Destroy him.
I am no longer his little warrior.
I can’t fight that battle for him anymore. I can’t be the pillar of strength he needs me to be. And I can’t be the wife and lover he needs.
Fortitude has taken his little warrior and morphed her into a monster.

This book contains explicit sex scenes including M/M and F/M/M/F, strong language and intense violence… oh, and one hell of an alpha male and one hell of a hard woman.

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