The Words He Didn't Want To Hear
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The Words He Didn't Want To Hear


Sophie is staying in Winterside with her best friend Ella and her brother Maxwell for the holidays and all she wants is to make Maxwell love her. After spending some nights of passion with him she doesn't understand why he treats her soo coldly.

She decides to accept a position working for him as his assistant but nothing works out quite as she planned. When she finds out that he is still obsessed with the love of his life and has a secret dark past, she wonders if she should if she should even bother.

But then one day her life is changed forever and she doesn't know how she will ever face Maxwell again.

'The Words He Didn't Want To Hear' is the second book in 'The Billionaire's Baby' series. It is an erotic romance full of sex, delight and love and contains approximately 11700 words.

Title:The Words He Didn't Want To Hear
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Kindle Edition
Number of Pages:47 pages

    The Words He Didn't Want To Hear Reviews

  • Kelly Shetterly
    Aug 08, 2014

    Hate these little books...

  • Shelly Knudson
    Oct 12, 2013

    Galen quickly discovers what it is that has been keeping Sophie away. A little sex vixen she has grown to be with him as her sites. Being a 30 year old man with a 24 year old throwing herself at him, ...

  • Amanda
    Jan 12, 2013

    Okay, so this book was better than the first, I still think it could have been longer...or maybe just made into one full novel and not 3 mini novellas, but with that said I did like this one a lot bet...

  • Tia
    Jun 09, 2013

    I actually like this one, A LOT! It had everything a great novel needed to have. Despite it being short, it was indeed a great read. ...

  • Lori Miller
    May 29, 2016

    want more real good book...

  • Theo Baabina
    Feb 21, 2016

    Its kind of great here and there, except the dark side of Max...

  • Cassie Hess-dean
    Jan 14, 2013

    Wow, Alexis was sure not a nice lady...hmmm wonder what Max did to have spent time in jail...I hope Sophie keeps the baby!...

  • Liz
    Nov 04, 2014

    Another short instalment. The story picks up in this book, Max still seems very odd....

  • Shonnie
    Dec 22, 2012

    These are short stories that seem to capture your attention and lead you to purchase the next book. Gotta know what's gonna happen next. :)...