On Murder, Mourning and Melancholia (Modern Classics Translated)
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On Murder, Mourning and Melancholia (Modern Classics Translated)


These works were written against a background of war and racism. Freud sought the sources of conflict in the deepest memories of humankind, finding clear continuities between our 'primitive' past and 'civilized' modernity. In Totem and Taboo he explores institutions of tribal life, tracing analogies between the rites of hunter-gatherers and the obsessions of urban-dwellers, while Mourning and Melancholia sees a similarly self-destructive savagery underlying individual life in the modern age, which issues at times in self-harm and suicide. And Freud's extraordinary letter to Einstein, Why War? - rejecting what he saw as the physicist's naïve pacifism - sums up his unsparing view of history in a few profoundly pessimistic, yet grimly persuasive pages.

Title:On Murder, Mourning and Melancholia (Modern Classics Translated)
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Paperback
Number of Pages:240 pages

    On Murder, Mourning and Melancholia (Modern Classics Translated) Reviews

  • Emilian Kasemi
    Aug 31, 2012

    Sigmund Freud to Albert Einstein in the reply of his letter 'Why war?';You are amazed that it is so easy to infect men with the war-fever, and you surmise that man has in him an active instinct for ha...

  • Hayley Gregory
    Nov 19, 2011

    I know it's weird to like Fred and to like readings with the word "Murder" in it 9And "mourning and Melancholia" for that matter) but I found this a really interesting theory to consider. Regardless o...

  • Michellepbaca
    Aug 04, 2008

    my new favorite state is melancholia. I argue that it is productive, even preferred to mourning. I say take your "process" and let it fester some. ...

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