Twelve Days
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Twelve Days


Christmas can be a time of love and joy, but to three men at the bookstore called Margins, it also brings reflection on what was and what will be, highlighting the importance of home and family during a hot Australian Christmas. Their lives are intertwined by the bookstore, but individually David has difficulty reconnecting with the son he knew, John discovers something about the father who abandoned him, and Jamie braces himself for what he thinks will be his first Christmas on his own.

Title:Twelve Days
Edition Language:English
Format Type:ebook
Number of Pages:70 pages

    Twelve Days Reviews

  • Anke
    Dec 01, 2011

    *sigh* Still smiling - why can't there be more stories like this one? It flows so easily along and takes me with it on the twelve days til Christmas. Only after finishing I realize the masterful writi...

  • T.A. Webb
    Dec 22, 2011

    Featuring characters and situations from "A Note in the Margin", so there may be slight spoilers. Be forewarned...As Christmas approaches, John and David prepare for their first holiday together. John...

  • vLadimiR
    Mar 22, 2014

    The story takes place directly after A Note in the Margin and shows how John, David and Jamie spend their first Christmas at "Margins." As the title suggests, this sequel portrays twelve days prior to...

  • Feliz
    Dec 01, 2011

    a fitting addition to "A Note in the Margin". I was happy to finally meet David and John again, to see how David developed and bloomed in John's love - and John too. In the narrow confines of this sho...

  • Deeze
    Dec 01, 2011

    A wonderful continuation of David and Johns story. The scenes with Adam are truely heartbreaking and I struggled to read the present exchanges scene through my tears, but the overall feel of a happy e...

  • Simsala
    Nov 30, 2011

    4,5 starsCuddletime with John,David and was so good to meet them again...Loved the quietness of this beautifully told Christmas story....

  • Ami
    Dec 01, 2011

    This novella cannot be read without first reading A Note in the Margin (which is an amazing story, and a must read) because Ms. Rowan doesn't take time to write down background story of the three main...

  • Lauraadriana
    Dec 01, 2011

    3.75 StarsThis book was a visit with John, David and their friend Jamie a year after we left them starting new lives.John and David are still together and in love and Jamie is still trying to find it...

  • Mark
    Dec 04, 2013

    After reading A Note In The Margin at the beginning of this year which left me absolutely breathless and emotionally drained, I promised myself that I would leave the Christmas sequel until we got to ...

  • Gina
    Dec 08, 2013

    This is a novella follow up to . Its Christmas time and the first one John and David will be spending together and the first one Jamie will spend without his mother. Again the feeling I get from this...

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