The Man Who Risked it All
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The Man Who Risked it All


This fearless playboy has everything to lose . . .

For Franco Tolle, the golden boy of Europe’s jet-set society, life is just a playground – filled with racing speedboats on the azure Mediterranean Sea. When you’re rich and famous money is no object . . . and to hell with the consequences! But he once took a risk with a price bigger than he was willing to pay . . . . In a rush of red-hot infatuation he put a glittering diamond wedding ring on Lexi Hamilton’s finger, yet within months they were living separate lives. Now Franco’s daredevil life has caught up with him – but he’ll risk it all for the one thing he craves . . . his estranged wife!

Title:The Man Who Risked it All
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Paperback

    The Man Who Risked it All Reviews

  • Chantal ??
    Nov 02, 2016

    2.5 YOU'RE JUST STUPID STARSSPOILERS AHEAD PLEASE PROCEED WITH CAUTION Okay so where do I start with this one!? Well let's look at the jerk of a hero shall we!?The hero Franco mistakenly believes that...

  • Tina
    Dec 05, 2011

    After this, I am done with Michelle Reid, because all I seem to do while reading her books is frown. This book has it all, a TSTL, doormat, clingy, jealous heroine. A-hole jerk hero.She married him be...

  • Lemon
    Dec 05, 2011

    Really unlikable hero and heroine. They both deserved each other and both made each other miserable. Both are selfish, spoiled, vain and immature and just plain not nice, either one of them. Really do...

  • Naksed
    Nov 02, 2016

    He had an epiphany (that she did not, after all, cheat on him) while he and his speedboat were both flipped upside down in the air.I'm sorry. I can't write a coherent review as I am too busy laughing ...

  • Jacqueline
    Apr 08, 2012

    This one really seems to be a love it or hate it book judging by the reviews. I'm in the love it camp. This is a second chance at love book which are generally not my favorites but this one worked for...

  • Saly
    Dec 05, 2011

    I generally tend to enjoy Michelle Reid a lot but in this book though there was lot of angst and I never felt Franco truly deserved Lexie or her forgiveness for the way he treated her or put her throu...

  • boogenhagen
    Dec 06, 2011

    Considering recent offerings from MR have been kinda disappointing, I was really happy with this one. The story line is very similar to Lost in Love but the Hero is much younger and closer to the hero...

  • Vashti
    Dec 07, 2011

    Enjoyed this latest offering by one of my fav authors.This book was full of angst and I truly felt that the H did love the h,but there was too much outside interferance in their relationship.When they...

  • Alex is The Romance Fox
    Dec 15, 2011

    Michelle Reid writes such passionate stories and The Man Who Risked It All is just that. She does the lost and found love themes so well….like Marchese's Forgotten Bride, one of my favourite reads.L...

  • Fiona Marsden
    May 23, 2012

    Michelle Reid is usually a no brainer when it comes to whether to read her books. I particularly love her reunions. This is another in the same vein as The Markonos Bride. They are both very young and...

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