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Bracing finale to Vallee's "Alien Contact trilogy" (Dimensions, '88; Confrontations, '90), as the ufologist brings some famous UFO cases down to earth--& into the mud. In Dimensions, he presented his theory that UFOs are probably not spacecraft but manifestations of a consciousness-controlling technology from "dimensions beyond spacetime"; in Confrontations, he bolstered that theory with examples from his own casebook. Here, deftly blending theory & memoir, he attempts to clear ufololgy of "the weeds & the vines of human fantasy &...the poisonous flowers of unbalanced minds." That is, to him, cases from the infamous Roswell incident (spacecraft & aliens purportedly captured by the USAAF in '47) to the popular legend of Area 51 (aliens working tentacle-in-hand with US officials beneath the Nevada desert) to the alleged abduction of Franck Fontaine in '79 (exhaustively researched 1sthand by Vallee) to the purported top-secret federal UFO-investigating committee of Howard Blum's Out There ('90) aren't only mostly nonsense, but--here's the rub--"complex hoaxes that have been carefully engineered for our benefit." But by whom, & why? By federal disinformation agents, & possibly as "psychological warfare experiments" or "as a cover for something else"--i.e., experimental spy/warcraft or real "flying discs." He offers little hard evidence to back those conjectures, but he does unglove the heavy hand of military intelligence in many cases, while at the same time exposing the absurdity of others, including Budd Hopkins' best-selling alien-rape reports. So what's left? A host of genuinely mysterious cases, e.g., the '89 USSR sightings, & the spirit of rigorous scientific inquiry that he urges they be subjected to. Except for his wobbly conclusions, a forceful & refreshingly iconoclastic study that, for all its good sense, will likely add up to only a cry in the alien-infested ufowilderness.--Kirkus (edited)

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Format Type:Mass Market Paperback
Number of Pages:310 pages

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  • Nicholas
    Apr 06, 2010

    People who know Jacque Vallee's work in the field of Unidentified Fly Objects are already aware of the paradigm shifting thought he brought to a generally stale and tired area of study. One of the fir...

  • Erik Graff
    Dec 15, 2009

    This volume caps Vallee's summary trilogy about his decades of UFO research with the conclusion that the phenomenon represents some kind of control mechanism. This conclusion is not neat. While he giv...

  • Art
    Jun 25, 2015

    Like the author, I find the subject of UFOs fascinating. Also, like the author, I’m skeptical that UFOs are spacecraft flown by ETs. Although the IDH hypothesis is even wilder, the interdimensional ...

  • Gregory
    Mar 06, 2008

    By far the best UFO book I have ever seen. In fact, it's the only good one I've seen, and I can't wait to read the other 2 in the trilogy. This book is essential for anyone interested in the UFO pheno...

  • Richard Botelho
    Jun 01, 2015

    Excellent look at the UFO phenomenon without the standard Extraterrestrial Hypothesis. Jacques Vallee is one of the great thinkers of our time. An incredibly courageous man. ...

About Jacques F. Vallée

Excerpted from wikipedia: Jacques Fabrice Vallée (born September 24, 1939 in Pontoise, Val-d'Oise, France) is a venture capitalist, computer scientist, author, ufologist and former astronomer currently residing in San Francisco, California.In mainstream science, Vallée is notable for co-developing the first computerized mapping of Mars for NASA and for his work at SRI International in creating ARP