The Wedding Charade
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The Wedding Charade


If Jade Sommerville is to continue living in the manner she’s become accustomed to, she has only one option — make the notorious Nic Sabbatini marry her!

The youngest of the Sabbatini brothers, Nic doesn’t suffer fools, or respond well to ultimatums — especially those in his grandfather’s will. But when the stunning, wilful Jade breezes into his office and announces their upcoming nuptials to the world’s media, Nic might have finally met his match.

Title:The Wedding Charade
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Hardcover
Number of Pages:192 pages

    The Wedding Charade Reviews

  • Kiki
    Mar 11, 2017

    Hero is a jerk. With shallow views. And double standards. And he's a jerk. BUT. Given all that. He's a loveable redeemable jerk. He snapped at the heroine for showing emotion in a MOC. Yet he was comp...

  • Cynthia
    Jul 15, 2011

    Grandpa Sabbatini's Will states that if his grandson Nic Sabbatini wants to inherit his share of the family corporation, he must marry Jade Sommerville, and remain faithful for one year. Likewise, Jad...

  • RLA
    Jun 20, 2011

    This is the third and final installment to Melanie Milburne's 'The Sabbatini Brothers' mini-series (The first two books are 'Scandal: Unclaimed Love-Child' and 'Shock: One-Night Heir' respectively, bo...

  • Booklover
    May 06, 2011

    This is the last book in Sabbatini brothers it was not as good as Luca n Giorgio's book but a nice readJade is a good woman but rejections from her father and Nic has changed her,Jade suffers from sev...

  • shms
    Jan 30, 2014

    "At least she could count her partners on the fingers of half a hand" I'm sorry but at the end of the book I'm still obsessing over that line. I bet the author didn't give it much thought, but really,...

  • TashNz
    Nov 29, 2011

    Loved this story to pieces. It was fast paced with lots of firey and fiesty dialogue between Nic and Jade. They sizzled and crackled between each other and the sparks were flying left right and centre...

  • Carmen Marie
    Mar 14, 2011

    I absolutely loved this book. I had reservations about reading such a small romance...I typically do not like the fast forward romance love at first sight crap. This however was not like that. Melanie...

  • Romancing the Book
    Dec 08, 2011

    Review by Desere:In the third and final book of the Sabbatini Brothers Series by Melanie Milburne we meet the young,sexy and feisty Nic Sabbatini and the spunky "tart" Jade. Nic and Jade are old but n...

  • Desere
    May 26, 2012

    Review also available on : www.romancing-the-book.comIn the third and final book of the Sabbatini Brothers Series by Melanie Milburne we meet the young,sexy and feisty Nic Sabbatini and the spunky “...

  • Wiewi
    Apr 24, 2012

    Jade merupakan sosialita london yang terkenal sebagai wanita yang penuh dengan skandal dan berprilaku buruk. Media Inggris menggosipkan tentang Jade yang menggoda suami sahabatnya sendiri. Jade tidak ...

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