Mountains Of Dawn

Mountains Of Dawn Review

“Pack and leave” are the words that Tanya Caldwell, orphaned at the age of six, heard many times as she wandered from foster home to foster home. After she narrowly escapes two murder attempts, she hears them again from Malcolm Clark, the head of Invicta--the prestigious agency in charge of providing personal protection, including security systems and bodyguards. On Malcolm’s advice, she retires to the hills of the Italian Riviera. The Mediterranean shores offer endless inspiration to Tanya the artist. Here she meets Kevin Matwin, a publisher of arts books, and a friend of his, Luigi Amedeo, Count of Monteturro. The count’s dignified manners and daredevil enterprises hide more than one secret. Accidents similar to Tanya’s also occur to Brian Miller, Malcolm’s step-brother. As Malcolm starts an investigation of his own, he finds that Tanya’s and Brian’s misfortunes have a common denominator in a well-known association thought by everybody to be above suspicion.

Title:Mountains Of Dawn
Edition Language:English

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