Scorpio Review

A super-city is at war with itself - and NARC is in the crossfire. In the colony of Aurora, the city of Thule is rife with Angel. Tactical has accumulated vast evidence on a syndicate, Scorpio. Col. Janssen just buried the officers who attempted to investigate - NARC's time has come. Young Marcus Brand has been in cryogen since early in the war. Now 80, his senator father is eager for Harry to perform his healing miracles on Marc. The tank must be shipped to NARC's labs, but it's tampered with and Jarrat and Stone realize the truth. Someone tried to murder Marc - to guard ancient secrets that doom Scorpio? The investigation takes Jarrat and Stone into cities where the street is a warzone ... but the seeds of rot lie far away, in surprising places. Meet this world, these heroes, at

Edition Language:English

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    Some Testimonial About This Book:

  • Paul

    4.5 STARS Another absolutely heart stopping sci-fi thriller, not only is every book so far an epic in itself, they're writing, plots and overall psychological impact are excellent for their genre. Rea...

  • Xing

    Rating: 3.5 stars rounded to 4By this point in the series, there really isn't much new material I can add to the review. If you liked Death's Head and Equinox, then Scorpio should be right up there wi...

  • 2Due

    Once again I loved the characters, the action, the story, the romance, but even more than the previous book. I adored the bond between Jarrat and Stone, stronger and more intense where we see how they...

  • Marge

    Lots of good action scenes, with a lot of worldbuilding, most of which was great. I did feel there was a bit too much politics between NARC, Starfleet, Tactical, temporary leaders, observers, etc. Sto...

  • Lady*M

    This is entirely personal preference but, after the second reading, I enjoyed Scorpio the most. The book had everything: mystery, technology, politics, action. The highlight was HALO jump from space w...