Explorer's Handbook

Explorer's Handbook Review

The ultimate sourcebook for players wishing to explore the world of Eberron.
The Explorer's Handbook showcases the multi-continental aspect of the Eberron setting. The chapter on travel discusses instantaneous and played out travel and provides deck plans for airships, the lightning rail, and galleons, plus other methods of conveyance. A chapter on Explorer's Essentials offers information on travel papers, preassembled equipment kits, how to join the Wayfarers' Foundation, and more. This handbook encourages players to explore the entire world rather than
remain fixed in one region.
DAVID NOONAN is an RPG designer/developer at Wizards of the Coast, Inc. Recent credits include authoring "Complete Divine"(TM) and co-authoring
"Races of Stone"(TM) and "Unearthed Arcana"(TM).
RICH BURLEW is a freelance writer whose previous design credits include
"Monster Manual"(TM) "III." He was also one of the three finalists in Wizards of the
Coast, Inc.'s new campaign setting search in 2002.
FRANK BRUNNER has been working in the game industry for four years and
has written several articles for "Dragon"(R) "Magazine "and "Dungeon"(R) magazine.

Title:Explorer's Handbook
Edition Language:English

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