Toward an Aesthetic of Reception

Toward an Aesthetic of Reception Review

This volume presents for the first time in English the foundational writings of the leading proponent of the aesthetic of reception. Jauss here attempts to develop categories to channel conventional literary history into a history of aesthetic experience. These essays explore the relation of art history to social history, the nature of genres in the middle ages, and provide exemplary readings in the comparative analysis of literature.

Title:Toward an Aesthetic of Reception
Edition Language:English

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  • James

    This book makes a great deal more sense once you've read Gadamer or, at the least, a basic introduction to Hermeneutics. I recommend Palmer's book "Hermeneutics" as a primer before tackling this (or G...

  • Humphrey

    Jauss' theoretical interventions have changed the way the field thinks at a fundamental level, and yet reading his work remains insightful and exciting - unlike many foundational thinkers who, because...

  • Steven Felicelli

    In 20th C. literary criticism it was (largely) Marx vs. Formalism. Both trying to (Husserl-like) bracket out all the universe which didn't gibe with their theory (most importantly for Jauss, the reade...

  • Noora

    Tenttikirja, jota en ehtinyt lukea kokonaan, mutta jonka lopun luin pikalukien. Ei niin kiinnostava kuin aiemmat tenttikirjat....

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