ONE PIECE 88 Review

3将星カタクリと激突するルフィだが、繰り出す攻撃は悉く躱され、絶体絶命!! それでも仲間の下へカタクリを行かせない為、退路を断ち全力バトルを挑むが…!? “ひとつなぎの...

Title:ONE PIECE 88
Edition Language:Japanese

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  • Hannah Belyea

    Luffy and the rest of the crew have split up in order to get away from Whole Cake Island, but their many battles against the Big Mom pirates may be more than they can bear! Oda will shock, charm, and ...

  • Amy

    I wanted more of Katakuri, he's the best 'villain' so far!...