Brave Review

Courage means rising up to defend your beliefs...
or daring to question them.

Erin McIntyre was captivating, but forbidden
His professional subordinate
The embodiment of unearned privilege
The daughter of his sworn enemy

Isaac Maat was impossible to read
Smart, ambitious, and emotionally detached
Hotter than anyone's boss should ever be
And definitely hiding something...

He told himself that getting to know her would help him take down her father.
She told herself that getting under his skin would distract her wrecked heart from its misery.

Neither predicted their private war would lead to an intimate battle in which the victor would be the first one to SURRENDER.

Edition Language:English

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    Some Testimonial About This Book:

  • Tammara

    I'm the author of this New Adult novel, a spinoff, stand-alone Contours of the Heart novel - Erin's story. :)...

  • Irina

    There's no other way to put it.I'm disappointed.At the beginning the slowness didn't bother me because it was a (well written) slow burn "romance". In fact, I was pretty excited and I was loving it. B...

  • Liza Wiemer

    A must-read NA novel that can be read as a standalone or part of the fabulous CONTOURS OF THE HEART series. This novel tackles some tough issues. It's eye-opening and will break your heart as well as ...

  • Carla

    Worth the waitTammara Webber once again proves to be a masterful storyteller and the Queen of character development. It's been a long while since I've been unable to put a book down until it was finis...

  • Dsir

    It has been a long, long time since I’ve read a Tammara Webber book and coming back to one is a reminder of ‘Contours of the Heart’ as one of the first few books that actually made me aware of t...

  • Antonella

    Okay let's see:- enemies to lovers-opposite-this cover-blurb-heroine from previous books all of that got me to swoon really hard, and be all like I want to read it, badly.This had everything to be ext...

  • Misha

    I'm thrilled that we finally received Erin's story. She was a favorite of mine from previous books in this series, and I thoroughly enjoyed her journey is this book. While I understand her personal gr...

  • Erika B. (SOS BOOKS)

    I'm trying not to be disappointed, but I am. I know I shouldn't compare books but Easy is still a favorite book of mine. I'm talking multiple re-reads so that makes it shiny and important to me. Thi...

  • Cait

    This was Very Good. This whole series is good, and I'd forgotten how much I enjoy it. I was surprised at how late in the book the romance started, but that's sort of in line with this series, in that ...

  • Rachel

    Beautifully Brave This was worth the beautiful wait. I adore everything about the words that Mrs. Webber always gives us. I loved Erin in easy, but this story was wonderful, from the dedication to the...

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