Monster Portraits

Monster Portraits Review

Relentlessly original and brilliantly hybrid, Monster Portraits investigates the concept of the monstrous through a mesmerizing combination of words and images. An uncanny autobiography of otherness, it offers the record of a writer in the realms of the fantastic shot through with the memories of a pair of mixed-race children growing up Somali-American in the 1980s. Operating under the sign of two—texts and drawings, brother and sister, black and white, extraordinary and everyday—Monster Portraits multiplies, disintegrates, and blends, inviting the reader to find the danger in the banal, the beautiful in the grotesque. Accumulating into a breathless journey and groundbreaking study, these brief notes and sketches claim the monster as a fragmentary vastness: not the sum but the derangement of its parts.

Del Samatar's drawings conjure beings who drag worlds in their wake. World Fantasy Award-winning author Sofia Samatar responds with allusive, critical, and ecstatic meditations. Together they have created a secret history of the multi-racial child, a guide to the beasts of an unknown mythos, and a dreamer's iconography. Monster Portraits resonates in a world obsessed with the Other, using captivating nomenclature, art, fiction, and essay to examine society’s damaging desire to define and divide. The monstrous never looked so simultaneously haunting and familiar.

Title:Monster Portraits
Edition Language:English

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  • enricocioni

    Sofia Samatar’s idea was to “tell our lives through monsters, as the ancient Egyptians told the year through the myth of Osiris”, to which her brother Del replied, “Sounds dope”. Sofia there...

  • Anne

    This book was unlike anything I’ve ever read before and I thoroughly enjoyed every magical minute of it. It is poetry, part personal essay, part research, part myth making, and part myth unraveling...

  • Minggu Legi

    WOW! ...