Before Blue Twilight

Before Blue Twilight Review

He had been alone for so long that he could not go on. But from the depths of despair, he found a light -- a soul mate, a woman who gave him a reason to live, to exist, to go on.

In this prequel from the Wings in the Night series, Maggie Shayne takes us back into the depths of history to tell the story of one man who would refuse to give up hope. The story of a love that would last for centuries...

Per Maggie Shayne's Wings in the Night reading order , Before Blue Twilight is a prequel novella to The Prince of Twilight and is best read AFTER Blue Twilight.

The link to this free read is here: Before Blue Twilight .

Title:Before Blue Twilight
Edition Language:English

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    Some Testimonial About This Book:

  • Delta

    3.5 stars...

  • Andrea

    A very short read that gives a back story to the characters in Blue Twilight. It wasn't available for download on Kindle, but I was able to Google it and found the shirt story on many websites....

  • Megan

    Vlad Dracula's prequel to Prince of Twilight about him and his first love, Elisabeta. ...

  • Helen Vilaranda

    3.5 It was okay!...

  • Bobbie

    A must read. This book sets up lots of character and plot for the next book in the series. Intriguing....